Lauching the visual identity for:

Anita Vartiainen- Urban Stories


This past winter me and Anni from Malva Visuals have been working super hard on renewing the look of my photography brand.

Oh how I`ve waited to be able to show you the results, which I really, really love!

This has really been a deep dive not only into the visual aspects of my business,

but also into the deeper meaning of what I do, who I am and what I am about.

The new look of my brand contains primary logo, submark, name mark, brand colors, fonts & brand strategy.


I wanted the visual design to reflect a certain magical, even mysterious aspect of life. Because I believe there is so much magic to be found in this world. In us humans and in how we interact with each other, and how that magic can be captured through photography.

That has always made me feel like a magician: being able to stop time and to capture things that are beyond words and reason. Something magical, a sort of essence of who we are.

Another important aspect in the design process was the urban environment. I love the streets and old buildings of Helsinki. To me they are magical too.

When we walk on the streets and look at all the buildings and windows we can almost imagine all the lives, all the stories that take place there. All the different people and their unique take on life, their joys and sorrows.

When I was a little girl and came from Kuusankoski to Helsinki to Visit Korkeasaari Zoo with my family, I remember sitting in the back seat of our car and looking through the dirty car window at all the old, beautiful buildings and their windows,

and thinking that one of those windows will be mine one day. Trying to guess which one it would be.

To me this city has always been a place of magic.


Anni took all these elements: The storytelling, documentary style, the urban atmosphere and the magic- and combined them all in my submark logo.

There's again the element of magic in a little twinkle of light shining above the city, and the sea that is so important to us living in Helsinki. And even a very personal element: a building from the street we live in.

Valokuvaus Anita Vartiainen


The font of the primary logo has such a cool art deco feel to it, and it reminds me of old storybooks I used to have when I was a child!

And it has a certain mystical feel to it too, don't you think?

Anita Vartiainen Helsinki


The name mark uses the font of the primary logo to form such a beautiful version of my initials. This is one of my favourites from the whole project, and it still feels quite surreal that those are really _my_ initials in there!

Anita Vartiainen kirjainlogo

On the whole I couldn't be happier that I started this process with Anni.

I think that the new visual brand identity really feels just right.

Here`s a few thoughts about the process from the designer of my new brand;

Anni from Malva Visuals:

"A brand that is completely different from my previous projects.

A bit of magic, urban, elegant and even a bit whimsical. At first, Anita's wish for a logo with a strong presence of the urban landscape made me a bit nervous. I had never even drawn a building before, or even visited Helsinki that often that I would know the names of the sreets.

After a couple of hundred sketches, just the right one was found.

A logo with a part of Anita, her home street building and the feeling of Helsinki.

I love to think about the deeper meanings of logos, so adding this story to it was as meaningful to me as it was to her."

I'd love to hear what you think,

please leave your comments below!

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